Take this quiz to find out which type of Calendar will increase your productivity!

As the new year fever kicks in, it’s time to update your yearly calendars. But with so many options and variety to choose from, how do you know which is the RIGHT calendar for you? Take this quick 1 minute quiz to find out which type of Calendar is suited for your personality and will help you increase your productivity!


Think of which option from A, B or C is the most true for you:


Q1 Where do you spend the majority of your time?

A: Hybrid (home, office, co-working space)

B: Office

C: Home


Q2 Which of these describes you the best?

A: Practical

B: Forgetful

C: Planner


Q3 How emotional a person are you?

A: Moderate

B: Very

C: Not emotional at all


Q4 How much of a budget do you want to spend on your customized calendars?

A: Rs. 300-400

B: Rs. 500-700

C: Rs. 200-300



Mostly A’s: Desktop Calendars

If your answers were mostly A’s then our range of Desktop Calendars (sizes 4×6, 6×6, 6×8 & 4.5×10) are for you. Customize with 12 photos for 12 months and carry them around no matter where you work from. Your practical personality will love the functionality & ease of use that these calendars provide you with.

Mostly B’s: Wallmount Calendars

If your answers were mostly B’s then our two super cute Wall mount calendars (landscape & portrait) are definitely for you. Enjoy larger picture quality with the possibility to tear off each photograph to reuse as square prints once the month ends. Hang them up in your office space and mark out all the important dates for the month.


Mostly C’s: Poster/ Magnet Calendars

If your answers were mostly C’s then our Poster or Magnet Calendars are for you. The no-nonsense personalities will love that they can see a beautiful photograph customized on these calendars. The planner in you will find it easy to glance at all the months of the year in one go. Pin them or stick these in your home, office, cupboards, or fridge & enjoy planning your 2023!


All 8 sizes of Calendars are now available in 26 stunning themes. Gift them to your friends, family, employees, colleagues, partners, clients and of course yourself!


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Manasvi Rambhia

Manasvi has been advocating illustration & design expertise in various industries like branding, packaging, print development and personalized consumer products for the last 10 years.
When not working, she loves sketching, crafting fun DIY's, and spending time with her nieces.

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