Secrets to click the best photos of your baby – Interview with Baby Photographer Neelam Vyas

Clicking pictures of a baby is the most satisfying task for a mother as she knows she is saving the moment for life. When the child will grow up everyone’s gonna cherish those cute fat cheeks and million dollar smile. A baby is the treasure of a mother’s soul and no one can beat that connection.

Zoomin presents to you some secrets and amazing information about Baby Photography from the best person who masters this skill. Up close and personal with Neelam Vyas from Neelam Vyas Photography.

She is a  internationally certified newborn, baby and maternity photographer. Having done hundreds of photo shoots for babies and newborns, she is here to help all the mothers and baby lovers with the answers to the most asked questions.


Neelam says ” We all love beautiful photos and when they are photos of little babies, it’s like icing on the cake! So, today, for all the baby photography enthusiasts and parents, I would like to share my experiences and tips to help you get your adorable baby’s cutest moments captured! ”


According to you, what is the quality that makes a person -  a good baby photographer?

Neelam: A good baby photographer is the one who understands and loves every baby, is patient with them and knows that every expression of a baby is precious and one of a kind!


 Do you have a plan or you like to go with the flow?

Neelam: Babies are natural, they cannot pretend, they cannot be forced or directed for getting a good shot. So, my mantra is “Follow the baby, everything else follows you!” Be present at the moment with full attention and look for the purest emotions and you’ll surely get a good shot!


How do you bring their best side? Basically what is that secret to get the naturalness?

Neelam:  My mantra is to follow the baby. You should make sure your baby is in a good mood, has eaten well, slept well and is wearing comfortable clothes. That’s when the baby will be active and will express at the fullest 🙂


How do create the settings for best kid photos? If you want to click a notorious or a cute shot.

Neelam: To click adorable photos, make funny faces or do what makes your baby laugh! Click as many photos as you can at the moment and you’ll at least get one shot that is amazing!


Few tricks for Mobile photography.

Neelam: Make sure the lens of the camera on your phone is clean. Tap on the baby’s face to focus while clicking. Do not zoom, it ruins the quality. Keep your camera steady. Take multiple shots


Any personal Gyaan for all the mommys?

Neelam: The most important tip out of all is to be patient with your baby! You know your baby is just a baby, do not expect too much, just click! Using these easy tips, you can capture some memories of your babies that are beautiful just as your baby!


We would love to hear few words from your journey, to sum up, this sweet- adventurous task of capturing kids :) 

Neelam: Capturing newborns and babies is simply a wonderful experience! Every second of my job is full of life and colour. These little bundle of joys just bring out the best in me as a human and a photographer!

Neelam Vyas


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