As parents, it’s pretty much second nature to take out our camera to catch any adorable activity our little ones may be up to. But the one thing we don’t seem to be doing enough of is consciously allowing ourselves to step into that moment with them. In fact, if you were to scroll through your camera roll right now how many photos of your little one include you in them?


We believe that as part of telling your story, it is crucial you be in it every now and again, because one day when they are older looking through their photo books, what do you want them to remember? We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to start getting you out from behind the camera and into the memories, because the most important thing of all is capturing the connection that you all share within those messy, busy, and adorable moments.

1. Set The Timer.

Getting ready for some afternoon couch snuggles, playtime, or an impromptu dance session? Use this as an opportunity to catch you and your kids in action. Set your camera on a tri-pod or lean it up on your counter and set your timer so you can worry more about spending the next 5 minutes in the moment and less about having them yell cheese into your camera.



2. Ask for help.

As parents, it is pretty normal to forget to ask for help. Especially when it comes to things like picture taking. But next time you are getting some good sticky kisses, running around at the park or just enjoying your favorite meal together stop and ask someone to take the photo for you. You’ll be glad you did!



3. Capture the details.

Trust me, you aren’t the only one struggling with the awkwardness of attempting a selfie with your kiddos. But next time you want to capture the moment, forget the traditional selfie and start focusing in on the details. Snap a picture of you guys holding hands, your feet walking side by side, or an up close of that super sticky kiss they’ve been waiting to give to you. Sometimes the whole story can be seen in just a few details.



4. Reflection

Mirrors, puddles, and windows, oh my! For this next tip, roll up your sleeves and prepare to get artsy. Reflections can be your best friend, snap a photo while everyone is getting ready for the day in front of the mirror. Make it fun during the next rainstorm and head out to find the perfect puddle to catch your reflections in, or just capture you all in action while walking next to a store window. After all, nobody said you had to be traditional when stepping into the photo.



5. Hire a professional.

Sometimes as a parent, it’s nice to step back and let a professional take over. Consider hiring a photographer for some overdue family photos. You can always ask for photographer recommendations from family and friends or start a search on Instagram. Either way – take a breath, relax, and enjoy this moment you and your family will not forget.



Now the only thing left for you to do is begin.

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