Learning to Capture The Everyday

It’s that time again, when we promise ourselves we’ll create new habits & leave the bad ones behind. This year, we have a New Year’s Resolution challenge that you’ll actually enjoy.
It always seems to come naturally to take out your camera when big things are about to happen. First steps, graduations, weddings, dream destination and birthdays.

But how do you go about documenting your everyday? The moments that are often so routine you don’t even think twice about them, let alone taking your camera to snap a picture.
This year, make a New Year’s resolution to start telling the story of your every day so you can remember those moments that you’ll otherwise forget.
To help jumpstart your resolution we have created some tips and tricks to make it a little easier to get started.

1. Create a monthly photo challenge.

It can be a little daunting to always be on the lookout for everyday moments to capture, especially if this is a new practice for you. To help make it a little less overwhelming, start each month out with a photo challenge just like the ones found in our brand new 2020 Planner.

Take baby steps & remember the challenge 😉

 2. Capture the details.

Capture the minutiae. The particulars. The bits of details that open to the full story.

Zoom ins of food, the window from your desk, the crooked road to home, smiling eyes, metro speeding in, puddles of water on a rainy day, your new socks.



3. Don’t wait for perfection.

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting things perfect. If photography is getting in the way of the experience, you are approaching it wrong. A moment will not wait for you to snatch your camera, adjust lenses & click when the light is good. You just have to be ready and tap capture. That’s the beauty. Use camera apps like Huji or Instagram filters to get hassle-free good shots. Just trust yourself & click.

imperfect metro-angle


4. Get a new perspective.

Watch the world upside down. Get down on the ground and take the photo from ground level, get up on a chair and take a photo looking down. Snap a shot through the trees, through a window.

New angles add life to pictures.


5. Celebrate them by creating something tangible. 

The essence of bringing the photos into Life is the final step to create the gift of a memorable living, which showers you with abundant returns.

It’s such a beautiful reminder, that feeling, the weight of a physical print is so much more meaningful than pixels on a screen.


We love to document everything. However, don’t miss the final step of creating something you can touch – a photo book you can flip through, photos to hang, or prints to go through. It is not enough just to take photos – create something with them so they are not just forgotten.


The photos we’ll treasure, year after year, are the ones that make us break into a smile, fall into laughter, tear up, and feel everything from that moment all over again.  You’ll end up with a collection that has a visceral, emotive quality because it comes from an authentic place: You.


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