Do’s & Don’ts of hosting a Diwali Party + hacks & gifting tips!

So you decided to host (or help the host for) a Diwali party this year? Fret not. Our event-specialists have put together the perfect article for you with do’s & don’ts + quick tips + amazing gift favour ideas too! P.S: Follow our tips to pick your Diwali Gift that’s sure to impress your guests. While planning the flow of the event & menu are our quick 3 tips to make sure your party is a hit!     Our experts have picked some pretty amazing gifting ideas for you!   Whether you’re the guest or the host, make sure you pick a gift that appeals to the recipient. It should be unique and memorable yet something that they can use right? Don’t you worry – everything that you would need to know is covered in this helpful gifting guide. If you’re left thinking about what can you buy that’s unique then here are your options!  This Diwali (October 24th) go the extra mile… without ANY extra effort. Check out our Diwali Gifts collection – with 80+ gifts that are on a 30% discount till October 26th, 2022. Use code HAPPY30 at checkout.

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