DIY Gift Wrap Ideas For Your Valentines Day Surprise

The excitement of a gift is often not the gift itself, but the presentation.


Valentines is about to knock on your door and we bet you don’t wanna miss saying I love you to the ones who really matter. This year is special than any other year to entangle your relationships. This time, we know who really matter & care for us, a time when we have never been so grateful to be holding them in our arms.

Today on the blog we are talking about the most underrated part of gifting – ‘Gift Wraps’. Gift wraps are the spotlight of any surprise that usually lasts for a few seconds ( but certainly creates a prestige impression when wrapped right) Gone are the times of shiny papers that go straight to the bin. Our gifting collection’s favorite gift wraps are a step ahead to deliver an awesome surprise experience. A gift that welcomes you with doodles, snippets forming a story, and elements that make you unwrap it carefully.

Add designer gift wraps & twinning gift cards gift wraps to your cart because a single moment of effort can change many emotions and create memories. Luckily, you can choose a designer love themed gift wrap & gift card ( with printed dedication msg) in a single click, while shopping for your Zoomin gifts.

Wide range of designs for your every gift.


If you missed adding a gift wrap for your gift, check out these easy DIY ideas to make your gift stand out. 

Wrap & thread your gift box with hand-written or hand-drawn love phrases. Perfect to make them blush.

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Paint a doodle or their favorite cartoon character. Or use simple pastel-colored sheets to wrap & a colorful bow to tie. Stick confetti all over.


Newspapers gift wraps look interesting. Add a glam of craft made toys or patterns for toppings. You can also add a flower or photoprint tucked in a thread.

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A simple gift wrap with the touch of a physical photo print. Makes the gift mesmerizing & jaw-dropping.

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Floral gift wrap adds a sensualness to your surprise. They look great even when the flowers dry or artificial.

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You can design your gift wrap with washi tapes, colors, chalks on black tinted paper, and many more. Look around & create with the resources you have.

Haven’t picked up your gift yet? Check out this blog for The Easiest & Meaningful Last Minute Gift Ideas. All you need to get started is download the Zoomin app, select a product & upload pictures.

Relax, we’ll deliver your gift to your doorstep or their’s.


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