Awkward Moments We Can All Relate To

Every now & then we come across thousands of moments in our life that leave us with many emotions of joy, despair, embarrassment, and happiness. Awkward moments are one such great pill of emotion that one can never forget. Funny stories, weird situations, and strange vibes all together gift us with moments that make us laugh in silence. Nonetheless, it’s part of life big enough to be celebrated.

Calling out a name weirdly, tripping on the toe, slamming the head to a door, not able to make someone understand, strange eye-contacts with the same person 5 times a row, oops stepping on something you should not, speaking something too loud, or speaking about someone when they are behind you. Have you come across such moments too? We are sure, you must have! We all have had such situations that made us feel a little embarrassed or a run-to-hide scenario. Only if we had the Harry Potter invisible blanket, life would have been better. But what’s now?


Celebrate the awkward moments by reliving them & laughing over them. We don’t have to be too serious with life, isn’t it?  Everyone goes through such moments and it’s normal. This National Awkward Moments Day, let’s relive the memories that make us laugh over those weird funny stories we share only with closed ones. Let’s normalize awkward moments. Remember your Oopsie moments with pride because why not? It’s always fun to behold these funny stories. 

A day to remember that no one is perfect, ever & it’s okay. Let’s celebrate our weirdness 🙂 

Awkward moments of the Zoomin team.

I remember how in school I used to always speak loudly and the others heard the funny talk I am sharing with my friend. Later they would tease me by sharing a line making me feel Whaat? How did you know this?
Once I reacted in a class by making a face to a teacher I hated the most. And the Principal noticed it & gave me a scolding. Oops. – Sangita

Once I was out with my wife traveling in the metro. As our station came nearby, we headed towards the gate & I held her hand to make sure she safely boards off. Only to realize it was not my wife. I would not like to disclose what happened later. But today I remember this with a laugh. – Siraj

Once I got caught red-handed by my trainer in the general store buying my weekly chips. My brain froze out of guilt & scare that I couldn’t think of any excuse. – Alisha


The most awkward moment I can remember is an incident from my previous workplace. I was gossiping about my boss & taking out my frustration with my co-worker. This is one such moment when you are very outrageous and forget what’s around you.  In the heat of the moment, we didn’t realize he came & sat behind us in the cafeteria. But that’s not the end. I accidentally also threw my arm out and he got hit at the back. I was drowned in utter sadness after this & couldn’t meet eyes with him. – Anju 

For me, my awkward moments have always been around my crush. I am a shy person & always end up doing something weird that makes no sense for the outer world but only do I know how difficult it is to face such awkward moments, sometimes. Lol. – Yogita 


Always – when someone waves and says hi to me so I wave and say hi back but they were not talking to me they were talking to their friend behind me.

When I’m at my friend’s and he asks “if I’d like something to eat” and I say “no I’ve just had some snack” but my stomach growls really loudly. – Ashley 

What’s your most awkward moment? 🙂

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