15 Easy Ways To Beat Stress In 2021

The reason to pause & take care of our mental health is important today than ever before.
On this stress awareness month, we encourage you to explore ways of connecting with what instills calmness & relaxes your mind. For a better you.

Stress is like an adamant shadow that doesn’t leave us. It’s born within, it stays within & comes out only during times. As and when lights & darkness of situations befall, this shadow spreads in our life. Slowly that creeps into us resulting in anxiety, overthinking followed by insomnia, health issues, and so many other health disorders. Have you ever thought about how’s stress is created? If not, you’ll relate to this. Read on.


The starting point of stress creation is the way we react to things/situations. Which leads to thinking about an issue and then overthinking, imagining negative scenarios. The human brain is so fast at drawing scenarios that are not even a reality. But all these vague clouds create something real – STRESS.

Tip no 1 – Don’t react or hype about a situation/issue/problem. Always know, if there’s a problem, it comes with 99 solutions. And there are still 110 further possible solutions to this problem. Nature creates everything with a key 🙂 Having this thought as the base of your mentality & lifestyle will always help you to not only think positively but practically positively. Don’t ever let emotion take over you & spoil your mental stability.

If you do not understand what to do immediately call a friend/ your mentor/or your family & friends. And speak what is most bothering you. Try to remove the small core point that’s irritating you and find an immediate solution to it.

Tip2 – Always work on the solution immediately, instead of cribbing over the situation. What’s next? should be your approach.

Tip 3 – Always know that a force bigger than everyone above is watching to solve your problems and your issues will be taken care of. You don’t need to stress a lot about it. Give it time, have patience and it will untangle on its own. Do what’s in your control & leave the rest to nature & god. There’s nothing bigger in this world than you being happy & mentally stable. Your health, matters!



Research says 70% of people face stress daily which makes it highly necessary for individuals to combat stress and find ways to relax.

Will there be a day when you’ll beat stress?
We say, YES!

Other ways to a stress-free everyday life.


While today everyone is approaching exercise for the goal of losing weight, don’t forget exercise is the best way to live a healthy mental life. It releases endorphins into your body that fights stress & relieves you. Start with doing basic yoga & stretching poses like the child pose that is specialized in releasing stress from the body.


Write a journal

Writing is the best way to get to the problem that is unclear to you. Daily journaling helps you to declutter your thoughts & organize your mind. All you need is a book & pen.

Watch old pictures & memories

It has been observed that pictures instill happiness within us. Seeing memories of good times gives us hope & makes us feel satiated towards life. To know that we have our people by us makes us stronger. Take a ride to your old memories once every month as part of your self-care.


Cleaning & decluttering your space

Cleanliness leads to shiny new thoughts & a clear space in the head. Yes, as you clear spaces inside your house, it also declutters your mind. You get the energy to & flow to get new thoughts & think with a positive approach.

Healthy diet

Eating right is the key to good health. Not only physically, but your mental health stays in check when you have the right amount of greens, carbs, proteins & vitamins. Avoid eating junk or stress eating and always maintain a balanced diet. Also, stay hydrated!


Laughter is the best medicine! And hence getting it every day is very important. Make sure to watch/listen to something that makes you crack & laugh hard. Don’t shy, laugh like a kid & let those endorphins flow. Laughing can improve your immunity and help you fight diseases too.

Learn to say NO

You cannot do everything & it’s okay. Taking up work, projects, new tasks, big things in life only adds up your stress. If there is already a lot on your plate to work on, avoid adding new things to it & messing up your life further. You might feel ambitious & powered up, but this will only slow you down a few weeks later. So learn to say NO!

Surround yourself with pictures that heal & calm you.

Tangible keepsakes make everyone happy. To watch your favorite faces, best memory, product moments, your lover, family, and artworks in a beautiful keepsake gives your happiness that on par. Keep them insight!


Listen to music. Dance.

Tune in to your favorite music when a day is not as you planned. Tap a leg to a beat & take the stress off. Music heals and gifts you with the freedom to hop on to another thought. Your soul enjoys & falls deeper into the layers of joy. Headphones in, stress out!

Deep breathing.

The best way to calm yourself is through deep breathing. Every time you stress or watch anxiety catching up calm yourself by focusing on your breathing. Inhale, Exhale.


Hugs from a loved one.

Hugs from a loved one are all you need to to stop the time & forget everything. Works like having a mini-nap!

Take a walk.

Walking beats stress as you walk, turn around at different things & people. Fixing your mind, making you feel the best. Walking without a destination, are the best kind of walk. Try for yourself 🙂

What are your most favorite & effective ways to beat stress? Comment below. Till then Take Care. 


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