10 Photography Tips for shooting from your mobile camera!

Nurture the amateur and budding photographer in you. Whether you like to click from your phone, a digital camera or any other device – don’t let anything deter the shutterbug in you.

Discover some simple but super helpful tips by Manasvi Rambhia co-founder Zooboo & an amateur Photographer herself. These points will surely help all you beginners. It might also add a new ‘perspective’ for the PRO’s (pun unintended :D)

If you’re looking to start photography professionally then this article by Porch.com is your best stepping stone to start this new path – read it here.


#10 Shoot with ample light – by the window or in the daytime


#9 Use props to highlight your subject



#8 Experiment with different perspectives


#7 Set your camera’s focus, use portrait or bokeh mode for blurred effect


#6 Use grid lines on your phone to balance your images

#5 Make use of the negative space

#4 Look for symmetry


#3 Always take zoomed out photos and crop as per requirement later

#2 Clean your phone lens regularly

#1 A great way to observe your images and learn from them is by PRINTING them!

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Happy Printing!

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