Family is the escape and the solution to everything. They make us feel at home – literally, a house is not a home if there is no one to whom you can come back to after a tiring day, share the excitement of how the day was or gossip about the aunt whom you met downstairs. Remember those childhood days – coming back to home, running to eat snacks & sharing the entire day’s stories to mom and dad between mouthfuls of cheeseballs. It’s your family who makes a house, the home <3 where mom is the saviour when you are hungry after the whole day hustle, where you can go to your favourite corner or to your bed with your favourite side. While we would want peace to be everywhere there is that angle about siblings – those creatures for whom your emotions run from the  “I can’t live without you” to the “You do not belong in this planet”.


Our family teaches us to share, sets our ground rules of being a normal citizen in this world. Every member of the family teaches us, they are our first teachers. Mom is the soft pillow & the strong pillar who hold the entire house firmly. Daddy treats you with yummy food delicacies over the weekend & the ice-cream party, who holds the umbrella for the family in thick & thin. You don’t convey your gratitude to them, every day, but your world falls down when someone is missing. Ask someone who stays far from a house – a few weeks and they are missing the very things that they can’t stop cribbing about when they are at home – the dal rice that mom cooks suddenly seems like a Michelin star restaurant dish.


Family takes you to the ground, makes you humble & modest,  scolds you, put you down & raise you up, but always have your back! & we all have different ways to love & express to our family. This family day, do wish them & click great selfies. Because we have got great THEMES for you to preserve your “family love “in a beautiful photobook. Yayy, get ready to celebrate your weirdly beautiful family. It’s the time to select all your fam-jam moments and keep them ready to print 😍 



How about surprising them with a photo wall of all your family moments 🙂

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