Ideas to surprise her on Women’s Day!

Women’s Day is not just another day. It is a chance to celebrate HER – for all her support, for all her achievements, for just being HER!

Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, better half, friend, sister, daughter or colleague – here are a few ideas that you can pick from to make your lady feel special.


#1. Take her out for a meal

#2. Surprise her with cute notes throughout the day!

Tip: Print her favourite quotes on Square Prints and put them up in places that she will find throughout the day. Download your quote designs here.


#3. Create a Photo Gift for her!


#4. Surprise her with a reel on Instagram!


#5. Personalize a storybook for your daughter/niece here


#6. Surprise her with some breakfast-in-bed!

#7. Curate a flavoured tea hamper for her

#8. Get her fresh flowers

#9. Sing a song for her

#10. Take her out for a long drive


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