Update: Framed Prints – with mat or without mat!

Team Zoomin recently launched 90+ cool new Framed Prints. You can explore some trending Designer Frames and Designer Mat Frames here. Also do check out 10 new Coloured Framed Prints.


Now the new update for you Frame Lovers is that your favourite Classic Framed Prints & Coloured Framed Prints can now be made with mat as well as without mat!


What’s a Frame Mat?

The white border surrounding your photograph in a Frame is called the ‘Mat’. You can now opt for a without mat option for these frames. Depending on the photograph and your room décor/colour style you can pick a few frames with the white mat and a few without. This will add a stylized touch to your décor.


Enjoy a larger photo size by customizing your Frames without Mat.


Let the photo stand-out by creating your Frame with Mat.


Try it out today and share your results with us on Instagram to win Rs. 500 worth reward points!

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