3 Gift wrapping hacks for Kids + personalized gifting tips

Are you someone who prefers to wrap gifts up before gifting them? Especially when it comes to gifting kids some of us prefer to personally wrap a gift rather than get it done at the store right? And if it can be so easy, yet beautiful and PERSONALIZED then why not?


Here are 3 quick and super simple hacks to ensure your child’s gift stands out at the next birthday party!


Tip #1: Use personalized stickers to add a personal touch to gifting

Easily use some stickers with your kids name to seal your gift wraps. You can use simple brown paper for wrapping and make the gift stand out with a designer sticker (order here). This way you won’t need a notecard for your child plus your recipient will love the personalized touch. Order a set of 40 water-resistant stickers for Rs. 199.



Tip #2: Use square prints for writing a note

Keep some simple Mini Prints with your child’s photo or name ready (print here for Rs. 7 per print + free shipping!). You can use these to write a message at the back and easily attach it on top of any gift for a charming look.



Tip #3: Use brown paper and add a personalized gift tag

For that little something extra, include a customized gift tag that is one of a kind. You can create some for yourself on editing tools like Canva. Check some FREE designs made by the admin here (download them for FREE if you’d like to print these!).

To print your set, simply pick a Card Stock Print size of your choice and upload that .jpg (the ones you downloaded here for FREE or your own) to print them. The Card Stock Print paper will allow you to easily write anything on the front as well as the back.


If you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating a gift card then remember, at the Zoomin checkout page you can add a gift-wrap & personal notecard for Rs. 99 🙂


Meanwhile, check out some amazing gifts for kids here!


Manasvi Rambhia

Manasvi has been advocating illustration & design expertise in various industries like branding, packaging, print development and personalized consumer products for the last 10 years.
When not working, she loves sketching, crafting fun DIY's, and spending time with her nieces.

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