Introducing the Photodiarist!

Are you the type who thinks that a picture is actually worth a thousand words? One who believes that their camera is as good as their third eye? Do you wish to keep your camera with you at all times and never miss a moment? Well then, you, most definitely, should consider becoming a Photodiarist!

What is a ‘Photodiarist’ you ask? Well, it’s quite self explanatory really. It’s a person who likes to create a diary out of simple everyday photos that they’ve clicked. More often than not, they let their own photos do the talking. Anywhere, anytime, anything – they believe in capturing ordinary every day (and much overlooked) moments and providing their own vision and thoughts on it. They believe in capturing anything and everything from the little pleasures to the stark realities of life. They don’t need an occasion or a reason to go out capturing photos. All they need is their camera and their vision…

Here are a few pages from my photodiary – places and moments that caught my attention this week…

The Silent Street
The Silent Street – Taken at the wee hours of a weeknight, I was walking a friend of mine back home & noticed how empty the otherwise ‘no-space-to-breathe’ stretch of Lamington road was. It was screaming to be captured.


The Storm before the Calm
The Storm before the Calm – Best friends sit sea side and ponder about what seems to be a grave discussion.


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