Power customers of September, October & November 2021!

We love clicking pictures. We love printing. We love sharing.

We love it, even more, when you share your Zoomin prints & photos with us on social media. Yes, we do see them all, we promise! Your love for quality printing, preserving your best memories & passion for photography is treasured at Zoomin.

Here are our Power Customers from September, October & November 2021! As months go by and you wait longer to meet some dear ones, we are glad that Zoomin helped you to relive some olden memories with your family & friends. Looking at our customers getting creative with photography, spreading prints, revamping spaces & DIYs has made us realize that never did we have the luxury of time to re-print, preserve & display our memories like we do now. These power customers have won our hearts!

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You can be the next winner too. All you have to do is share your Zoomin received package of happiness on Instagram tagging us @zoominstories. Share your DIY, decor ideas, reactions, and gifting celebrations.


“I was so happy to see this Photobook that captured my daughter’s growth journey so beautifully!” – Anita Vaze


“I digitally designed this and printed it for a client and they loved it! Thank you Zoomin!” – artsycorner.angel


“Have you ever wondered how it feels to be sleeping on the bed of memories 🤔? Maybe I can tell now! Thank you @zoominstories for these wonderful square prints to freeze these timeless treasures 😊” – Susma Sen


“Every once in a while, I get some polaroids for my space. @zoominstories just made my work easier and in good quality too!” – Rashmi


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