Pets are family – Spoil them this Pet’s Day


It’s National Pet’s day & the time to express our neverending love for pets.

Why do we adore animals? The slobbering kisses, the sitting in your lap even if they are way bigger than when they were a pup, the oh so cute looks that they give right after they have torn your favourite shirt or chewed your favourite shoe. The leaps and the barks of joy when they see you in the evening like you have come back home after slaying dragons. Research shows that time spent with your pet helps in reducing stress, makes you genuinely happy.

For most people, the pet is a part of the family, a honorary member with special privileges, the member of the family that can melt the heart of your dad who is the strictest with you.

The feeling of owning a pet is one of harmony because you have someone who will stick to you always, no matter how you fare in life. Totally selfless in their expression of love they are with you no matter what happens to you.


Master the skill of pet photography! 

Photography tells a story! What’s the story of you & your pet?

It’s the time to honor your star, this pet’s day.

Today in the age of clicking pictures, when we have tons of photos of our pet in our camera roll, would you take the risk of keeping them in the phone & not printing them? Rethink!

The joy of printing is that it promises legacy. Your child or for that matter your grandchild is going to look at the photo of your favourite furryball in that gorgeous photo book.


Photo tips & ideas with your pet.

Capture your pet in action like a run or a leap or them running around silly in circles.

You really don’t have to do much pets especially are itching to be their active selves you just need to be patient and make sure you are in a place that serves as a pretty background for your pet leaping through air to catch a frisbee and missing it.
Pets are surprisingly expressive, labradors that grin and cats that look serious are a real thing – make sure you have  wait in the shadows to capture your pet in their best pose.
Pets are great Cloth horses except when they are  horses( see what I did there 🙂 ) Clothes & props work great, have fun with a photoshoot along with props like spectacles, shimmer jackets, that phone or a book.

And then a cuddle shot of you both playing would be your picture of the year which can rest ideally in your drawing room. Perfect!



But what does NATIONAL PET DAY actually mean?

But what does NATIONAL PET DAY actually mean?
Yes, to celebrate the animals in our lives but mainly -” Helping out orphaned pet companions which will improve their health and improve their opportunities for adoption

Don’t shop, adopt…. & give them forever homes 🙂

Adopt stray dogs & cats, because they fit well to our environment. The biggest motive is to take care of those animals & take care of their health. You cannot buy or adopt them for your fun, you have to care extra for their health because they can’t speak.

Adopt some love & feel blessed.


How they are always on duty for their fellow dog mates. It’s so more than human when I saw my friend’s two dogs. One got operated and the other was always on duty to take care, by licking his wounds all the time.

Dogs are surely the king of pets but all pets have a very unique innocence & spark which we love.

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