7 gift ideas for the one who ‘Does not want anything’

framed print

This one’s for all the big question marks on your gift list. The coworkers, difficult-to-please friends, annoying siblings and those who apparently have-it-all. We’ve rounded up some of the most versatile and non-photo based gifts, that are sure to be a hit with the most unique of giftees.

7 unique ideas


Mandala Art on an Acrylic Print

Acrylic print
Acrylic Print 5×7

Look for a unique art created by you or them, or something you saved from Pinterest or the net. Upload it and print it on a shiny Acrylic Print. This is great for their house, office desk or anywhere!


A Framed Print of their pet (or kid or plant or just a nice artwork maybe?)

framed print
Classic Framed Print BLACK

Even if they have EVERYTHING, who can say no to a Framed Print? Especially one that looks so classy!?


A notebook where you can customize the text on the cover

Set of 3 Notebooks

Everyone who is anyone needs a Notebook at some point in their life. Now imagine if you can write any custom text on the cover? Super cool right? Told’ya!

A 2023 Planner with their name on the cover

2023 customized Planner

Either you know someone who loves to plan (then this is perfect for them). OR they need to learn to plan better (in which case this is GREAT for them!). You can add their name on the planner and let them feel extra special 🙂



Prints with some affirmations & motivational artwork

Set of 24 Prints

This is a good one even just for yourself. Scout Pinterest or the net or create something nice on canva.com. Print some artsy motivations & affirmations for them (or you).


A Tote Bag with their name on it

tote bag
Tote Bag with their name on it

It’s eco-friendly, washable AND has their name on it. What’s not to like?


A collage for old times sake (for friends/cousins)

photo collage
Photo Collage with the old memories

Yes yes this is NOT a non-photo gift. We lied okay? This Photo Collage is too cute to make it to this gift guide. Even if someone says ‘DON’t GIFT ME ANYTHING’, can they really say no to a customized Photo Collage designed just for them?


Do you also want to create some personalized yet not tooooo personalized gifts for someone? Or looking to surprise someone that says, ‘I don’t want anything, I already have everything’? (eye-roll)

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