3 reasons why you NEED these new Wall Acrylic Prints!


When it comes to displaying your favourite moments is there ever a perfect way? You can preserve them as Photobooks, Framed Prints or even keep a handy reminder through Photo Prints. But can you actually capture the emotion & essence behind those memories?

Well our NEW Wall Acrylic Prints come reeeaaaaaally close! They are so vibrant, bright & full-of-life – that you will truly be able to do justice to your favourite candids.

These are perfect to add to your living room. You can put a majestic one in your bedroom. And they make for great pieces to put in your office space too. Ideal for corporate gifts, formal gifts, congratulatory gifts & so many more!

Just print one up and display it on any dull walls to add a spark of joy to your room.

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Here are 3 reasons why you will LOVE the new Wall Acrylics!


  1. Fadeproof & water resistant

Unlike paper, this high quality Acrylic material ensures that your prints stay fade-proof. They are definitely way more durable as they’re water-resistant too.


  1. Bright colours & a majestic feel

The hi-tech UV printing ensures that your prints are displayed in bright colours. The overall finishing of these prints is superior. This gives your Wall Acrylics a distinctly majestic feel. Each order comes with a special tape to hand these up on smooth-surfaced walls.


  1. Ideal gift for formal occasions

And thus, it is an ideal gift for formal occasions, house warming, new office gifts, corporate gifts. You can easily upload a hi-res file that also has your logo & gift these to your clients, partners, employees etc.



Try out a Wall Acrylic Print today and experience the difference a lustrous Print can make!


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