5 Must To-Dos With Your Grandparents

The ideology behind celebrating International grandparent’s days is to bond with the old age group i.e our beloved grandparents & senior citizens. It’s a little weird that why do we need a day to remind ourselves of bonding with them. But with time, it has been seen how alone a few become with their kids becoming busy in lives. A lot of senior citizens seldom have anyone to talk to & rarely does anyone encounter them on an emotional chord.

What we can do? We can be kind & friendly with the oldies we know, starting from our own house. Today we are sharing with you 5 things to do with your grandparents that will make them feel loved.

They are the gems of your family whose love is the maximum & never gets low. Always with you right from birth & wishes to see you grow with their experienced & loving eyes. No matter what, they have always grounded you & hold you when you fall, support your parents during bad times. Can you imagine your family without them? In India, it is rightly said that a home is incomplete without the shadow of an elder.


Surprising how this day is not so popular among the many national, international, world holidays … while Grandparents are the most important ingredient to all families.

This year give a well-deserved tribute to your beloved grandparents. Show them how without them the family would not be the same & how they are the owner of the family tree.

1. Talk to them frequently

Talking our heart out makes us relaxed but better too. Give an ear to them when they want to vent out about their issues or aging problems, soothe them with kind words, and also give solutions. These are the times when you are parenting your parents. Talk to them frequently and share stories from your life, job, friends. If you stay away make sure to call them & ask them about their daily routines & what’s making them happy.

Talk to them!

2. Taking care of their health & moods.

The best way of expressing love is to show. Taking care of their health is the most important aspect that they neglect. What can you do? – Doing yoga with them, stretching exercises & going out on a walk. Taking care of their routine health checkups, ensuring medicines on time & staying hydrated. Remember how she keeps on nagging you to drink 10 glasses of water a day? It’s your turn.

Mental health is equally important. As they age up, their moods go through various transformations. The best way is to embrace these moods & not question. Let them be as they want to be. Love them as they are.

3. Playing games with them. 

They are your old friends with blonde hair & wisdom to bow down to. With due respect, make them your buddies & have chilling evenings & noons. Playing games with them is your chance to thank them for carrying you on shoulders & playing every game you loved. The bond with grandparents is extra special because they have loved you extremely right from you were born.


4. Gift them something meaningful – like a photobook or a frame.

A surprise is always the best way to make new memories & celebrate their specialness in our lives. When we make efforts for someone it’s us who is the happiest and that’s the joy of gifting.

Grandparents were the first ones to click your photographs & preserve your childhood memories into photo albums. We have bought the Grandparents Day Sale especially for them. Gift them a photobook of their old memories & vintage shots. Needless to say, the love for family frames is beyond happiness.

A photobook is not just an album but entering a journey by flipping pages. 


5. Take them on a trip/shopping/laugh with them.

Taking them out is always the best idea. A study shows that Senior citizens feel much better when they see people & are amidst nature. They become more out-going as they age & hence a ride to the park is always their favorite choice. While now you must be having restrictions, you can always order something fun for them. How about gifting them a musical instrument? Encourage them to take up their favorite hobby.

Laughter is the best medicine. Watch humor content on your Tv or Youtube with them. You always have Kapil Sharma & FRIENDS. You can try watching Stand up comedies specials like Zakhir khan, Rahul Subramaniam & Kenny’s Chai time with them.


In a world where everything is racing, all you have when you come back home is your family. Have you wondered how many hours you must have spent with them… and how many hours you will be spending with them in the coming times?  Seize the opportunity to be with your cuties & give them all the love. Click pictures with them & make new memories. Learn everything they want to tell you and keep all stories secured.

Because without this what grandma stories will you tell your kids?


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