3 Time & money saving hacks for all Rakhi gifts!

Rakhi Gifts

Rakshabandhan is no longer just about a brother & sister, isn’t it? We Indian families love ALL our cousins too! Extended families are always a part of our celebrations.

Are you stressed thinking of gifting ideas for your 4 paternal and 7 maternal cousins? Are you one those boring siblings who passes off a last-minute ‘cash envelope’ instead of a thoughtful gift?

Not this year! This Rakshabandhan (August 22nd), impress your family with meaningful photo gifts starting at Rs. 149 only!

With these 3 hacks, save yourself some precious time, effort & money while ordering Rakhi Gifts for all!

Hack #1: Duplicate the gift

Step 1: Select the gift you want. Click here to pick from gorgeous Framed Prints, Photo calendars, Mugs, Photobooks, Magnets, Prints & more.

Step 2: Upload family group pictures from past celebrations, gathering, trips etc.

Step 3: At checkout, simply increase the quantity to the number of cousins you want to gift to!



Hack #2: Make small edits to the gift

Have you personalized your gift with some text, stickers or pictures that are different for each cousin/sibling? No problem, you won’t have to recreate your gifts again and again.

Step 1: Select the gifts you want to give.

Step 2: Upload your pictures & personalize it with themes, pictures, text, stickers etc.

Step 3: Click on Save Creation & name it


Step 4: Access your creation in the Creation tab



Step 5: Duplicate it & edit this version with whatever changes you want to make (replace/crop pictures, add stickers, text etc.) and add it to cart. So easy! 🙂



Hack #3: Save 25% on your order!

Add your gifts to the cart & apply code: CELEBRATE25. Save flat 25% on all your gifts!


Time, money & effort saved!

Order your gift’s at 25% off now.


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