A handy guide to help de-clutter your phone gallery (just 5 steps!)

Have phone, will click right? If you have a camera literally on your fingertips then you will probably have thousands of photos in your gallery. That portrait photo of raindrops on your window. Yep.  Daily photos of your baby’s growth? Obviously. 68 photos of the weekend trek? Wouldn’t have it any other way. Whatever you’re clicking pictures of, we totally get it!


While we love having a giant collection of memories at our fingertips, not organizing your phone gallery can affect your phone storage & performance. It will also make tasks like creating Photobooks feel like a chore. Not ideal! We love holding onto everyday moments, and we want your printing process to feel like a breeze. To ensure your print-worthy photos don’t get lost in the shuffle, we recommend following the five steps below weekly, monthly, or at the very least, two times a year. You are 5 steps away from having an organized phone gallery.


Step 1: Immediately heart your favourites

At the end of the day (especially on long vacations, click the heart on the photos which you liked the best from that day. This will add them to your favourites folder and will make sorting out easier.

Tip: Only save the photos that you know you will want to return to. Make sure you have 1-2 photos of each major event, but don’t get tied up about each individual image.


Step 2: Delete the rest (DON’T procrastinate)

The more you delay, the more tedious this task seems. Keep some time aside on a regular basis to delete out the pictures that you don’t like/need or are too repetitive. If possible segregate your photos into folders on your phone/laptop for better organization.


Step 3: Create a backup of your photos

If you misplace your phone or damage it in anyway, do you want to regret losing out on those memories as well? Always create a backup of your photo (especially after a vacation or photoshoot spree). You can take a backup on the cloud like google drive, iCloud, dropbox etc. Or physically on a pendrive/harddrive or any other device.


Step 4: Create Photobooks/ Photo Albums

The best solution to NEVER losing out on any treasured pictures is – create Photobooks ofcourse. After every vacation, birthday celebrations, pre wedding Photoshoots, wedding pictures, baby growth journeys etc etc – it’s always prudent to print out the best 25-40 pictures in Photobooks. You can create these for as low as Rs. 299. Infact, you can pick creative designer themes as per the content of your photos! Store these in dry places and they will last you for years and years.


Step 5: Keep printing & preserving your photos tangibly

Make it a habit to regularly print your photos and store them either through print displays, photo frames, or photobooks. You can also simply print your photos on retro prints and stick them up in a scrapbook with notes & comments. Get as creative as you’d like!


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