Zoomin Workshops

Zoomin is your trusted platform for amazing quality photo gifts with award winning service.  Many of you have written in for help and advise on taking better pictures.  While there are many workshops designed for the professional photgrapher, there are not a lot of options for those who just want to shoot like one.  So if you just bought a new SLR or want to take better pictures with your trusted point and shoot, Zoomin has a workshop series specially designed for you.

Ashima Narain, the award winning National Photo Editor of TimeOut Magazine is going to be our expert instructor and will lead us through the first series of Zoomin Workshops.  These workshops are designed to take you from the basics of better photography to advanced tools and techniques to help you shoot like a professional.  The first workshop is in Mumbai (other cites coming soon)  and will be held at the Atria Mall on Sunday, the 16th of August.  More details and registration can be found here.

As an added bonus, each participant gets a fascinating goodie bag with tons of free stuff from Zoomin and our workshop partners.

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