Zoomin Team Celebrating Love In Different Ways

Every one of us is different from one another & so are the ways of our celebrations.
We asked the creative heads at Zoomin how are they planning to celebrate their Valentine’s day, this year.
Unamazed we got some very crazy as well as sweet answers. Here are different ways of celebrating love by the
Zoomin team.

1) Movie buffs.

“I am going to spend some action time before TV & watch old Bollywood movies with my family.
My grandpa & grandmom are movie lovers & so are we. Pizzas, popcorn, soft drinks & lots of laughter & dance with my family & pet is the most ideal V-day plan for me ” - Devanshi, CS Advocate



2) Love is in the air.

“I got married last year & this Valentine’s will be very special. I have planned to decorate our room with all the pictures from our first date, dinner nights & trips we had together. Since I am a photo lover & have tons of pictures to cover an entire wall. I am also creating a love playlist so that we can shake a leg together & enjoy our special evening ” - Mithali, Marketing Manager.


3) Ladies Noon.

“I and my girl gang will enjoy a pampering session of self-care followed by a Valentine photoshoot to mark the memory of our friendship. The photoshoot is going to be a lot of fun & a small dream tick for our gang. We used to be very fascinated by the posters of shows on Netflix like Stranger things, friends, etc which celebrated friendship. So this time we want to have our very own poster too.” - Asmita, Community Manager


4) Spreading Love.

“I will be giving flowers to strangers & Stand with the ” Free Hugs” signboard on some popular street or Beach of Mumbai… I am quite excited to do this. Like, freakingly excited. Also me & my boyfriend
have decided to distribute heart-shaped candies to kids ” - Alisha, CS Advocate


5) On the top.

“I Will be watching Friends with my “friends” & end it with a frivolous Horror movie. We will follow our ritual of sitting on the rooftop of the building & watching the city lights. I might scare a two or three with my ghost voices later too & stay awake watching the sky & playing nerdy quizzes. Yes, that’s the plan” - Sangita, Content Manager


6) Romantic Night.

“I will be cooking my wife’s favorite pasta & click a lot of her pictures. Looking for a quality romantic candlelight dinner on the floor of our room. She loves when I decorate the house for her… so will drag a few ferry lights & candles to sooth the evening with my better half.” - Jay, COO


Perfect. Just Perfect!
What are your plans? You still have time. Pick a gesture idea from our team’s plans & shop from here for your gift.
A generous gesture & a meaningful gift will amaze your partner & loved ones.

Happy Valentines from Team Zoomin.
This Valentines, express your love 🙂

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