9 Funky Home Decor Ideas WITHOUT using personal photographs

If you’re anything like us you too would love to customize your house with photographs of your favourite moments. But even for photo junkies like us, sometimes pictures are not the answer we’re looking for right?

There can be many reasons why we might not want to display photo decor like

  • Some people might not want to display personal photographs in the living room
  • Sometimes we crave a break from photographs and want to cut the clutter with something far more simpler
  • Some of us may want to display our milestones like certificates, awards, wedding invite etc too
  • We may have some favourite quotes/phrases or choice of artwork that we’d like displayed too
  • Artists might want to customize their decor with their original artwork
  • Nowadays, creative artwork by kids/pets looks equally creative when displayed in frames etc

And so, if you too are looking for ideas to customize your home decor without using any photographs, then here are some great ideas by the Zoomin community!


Quirky Prints



Hand-made greeting card turned into a Photo Frame



Your pinterest saves/artwork on customized Photo calendars



Original artwork onto a Photo Frame


Your fav quote on a Photo Cushion



Why not Photo Frame your best Instagram post?



Your favourite artist on your 2022 Photo Calendar



Photobook filled with outdoor photography shots


Get creative with a Canva artwork on Photo Cushions




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Manasvi Rambhia

Manasvi has been advocating illustration & design expertise in various industries like branding, packaging, print development and personalized consumer products for the last 10 years.
When not working, she loves sketching, crafting fun DIY's, and spending time with her nieces.

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