5 Resolutions for 2022 + tips to maintain them!

The New Year brings with it the hope & promise of a better tomorrow. January 1st is the perfect day to make some resolutions for a better YOU right? Let us help 🙂

Here are five resolutions that you can start off with + tips to make them last all year long!

  1. I will be kinder to myself & try to be a better version of ME!

Stop comparing yourself to others and start loving you for who YOU are. The only person who you should compete with is yourself. Remember: Self Love is your super power! 🙂

Tip: Put up daily reminders of self-love around your desk! Print them here.

2. I will dedicate 5 minutes to my favourite affirmations each day!

If you really mean it, you will do it! Repeating your affirmations every day will work like a charm to bring you into a positive frame of mind every day 🙂

Tip: Print your affirmations and put them in a Frame to view & repeat every day.

3. I will do more of what I LOVE!

There is no day like today and no time like now to seize the moment. Make a bucket list for the year and start preparing to tick off each item day by day.

Tip: Print your best moments into Prints, Photobooks & Framed Prints for the motivation during tough days!

4. I will spend more time with the people I love

Don’t wait until it’s too late to spend time with your loved ones. A phone call, a surprise visit or an old memory is all it takes to make them smile.

Tip: Start by surprising them with Photo Gifts that will show them how much you care <3

5. I will start excising/eating right/helping others etc.

For all those resolutions that need to put in some extra effort – start by planning your day, week, month. Only then will you be able to manage the extra time.

Tip: Start by getting yourself a 2022 Calendar & Planner to stay organized and on track!

Here’s wishing that all your dreams for the New Year are fulfilled and you stay on track with your New Year Resolutions!

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Keep smiling, keep printing!

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