5 Reasons Why Siblings Are The Best

The most underrated celebrated day of all. Siblings Day!

Does it really deserve to be understated? To celebrate a bond with those crazy heads who keep you sane & back you up. ( just like blood friends) In shrieking times they turn to be a mom, dad, best friend, lover & freaking strangers. They annoy us, love us, spoil us( if you are lucky), support us….and we all still Hate them.
We like to be poked by them and knock their heads…But No matter what all they do for us ( or don’t) we will always embrace this crooked connection & grin when we make them happy & laugh.

There is a special bond which we celebrate with our siblings & many years up the lane, when you look back, make sure to have crazy memories to laugh at again.

Here are our reasons why Siblings Are the best.

They Help & Pamper you.

Just Like Life-Saviors. At the right time.



You can Steal their Clothes, Accessories…Everything.

All they own is yours ( after robbing it ofcourse)



They Protect You at Scary times.

Because no one can dare to scold you. Only sibling-zoners permitted.



Share secrets & lock them safe forever!

Stories are always more fun when shared with them.



They Surprise & Care for you with Little Things.

No matter how much they tease you, they always love you.



You are a Team.

You need no friends & lovers when you have your siblings-army by the side.


These Siblings day hug them with a gift of your Special Memories and say them why they are the best!

Make a special gift for your darlings on 10th April. Pick some of the best moments that you must have shared in the past few days or something that has a deep place in your heart, or when you never said a brief thank you, or if you are still owing them a sorry.

Share meaningful gifts & bubble your sweet relationship with your siblings. Coz they are yours! Cheers!


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