10 Home Decor Trends for 2022!

8 months into 2022 and we can see some vibrant home decor trends that are changing the way we style our homes. From adding local elements to your walls to monochrome colour scheme for your living rooms – explore the top 10 Personalized Home Decor trends thus far for 2022!


Add a touch of the desi vibe!

Adding a bit of your local element to your walls brings a refreshing change. Think Warli prints in Maharashtra or some Bandhani styled statements in Gujarat. Embrace your local culture and proudly display it in your homes!



Browns are the new white!

Truly shades & hues of brown are taking over 2022. Play with your Photo Frames, curtains and a few display pieces by giving them light & dark shades of your favourite brown.

P.S: It’s also easier to keep it clean than the pristine white!



Everything miniature is IN!

When it comes to your work/study desk – there are NO rules. Do exactly as your heart desires because this is YOUR space afterall. However, you can pack in more of your photos when you go miniature. It’s more affordable, better for the environment and looks cute on any wall – what’s stopping you? Order your set of 24 Mini Prints here!



Little bit of LED is magic

Skip the flashy fairylights this year. Instead pick any one illuminating element for your room. this fur-lined LED Photo Cushion is perfect combination of cute yet elegant.



Add an indoor plant

Enhance any simple decor element by placing it near an indoor plant. You breathe better air + feel more peaceful in the presence of plants. Win win!



Go beyond personal photographs

Who says customized decor is only about personal photos? You can boldly display whatever your heart desires on so many decor options. Some original artwork? Candid photographs from your phone? Canva creations or Pinterest pins that you love? Just save them on your device & print it here!



Gallery walls of frames & canvas prints and more

2022 has been all about creating a bold statement with the combination of Photo frames & Canvas Prints. Let your living room wall be the conversation starter that you need!



One bold picture is all you need

This year, we have seen less of collages and more of one image making the statement. Just pick your one favourite candid moment and let it do the talking for you. Print it on Magnet Calendars or Fine art Prints maybe?



Let your personality shine through your decor

Display your hobby or achievement with a subtle metal print. Display it on any table top of your home for a silent declaration of your life’s best moment.



Pastel all the way

Bold colours are very 2020. Pastel hues have paved their way into 2022 and are here to stay. Especially as the size of the homes shrinks, subtle hues are perfect for smaller abodes. They take up less visual space and give your rooms a bigger look. Try it & share with us!



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Manasvi Rambhia

Manasvi has been advocating illustration & design expertise in various industries like branding, packaging, print development and personalized consumer products for the last 10 years.
When not working, she loves sketching, crafting fun DIY's, and spending time with her nieces.

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