What type of a Valentine’s gift is perfect for your partner? Take this quiz to know!

Valentine’s Day is hardly a few days away. Do you find yourself wondering what can you gift your partner? Maybe something that shows how much you care yet isn’t too cheesy? Something that makes them feel special but yet isn’t too expensive?

But most importantly, do you know what gift will your partner love based on their personality type?

We’re here to make everything super easy for you. Answer 5 simple questions about your partner. Based on your responses we will guide you towards the perfect Valentine Gift that suits him/her. AND we will also throw in a 50% off on Valentine-special gifts! Read till the end for our gift guide + discount code 🙂


QUIZ: What type of Valentine’s gift is perfect for your partner?


Q1: What is their ideal ‘date’ like?

  1. Sunset dinner
  2. Netflix & chill at home
  3. Take a painting/dance class


Q2: What hobby from these are they most likely to take up?

  1. Scrapbooking
  2. Gardening
  3. Mandala Art


Q3: What is their sun sign?

  1. Pisces/Libra/ Cancer/ Capricorn
  2. Aries/Virgo/Scorpio/ /Taurus
  3. Sagittarius/Gemini/Aquarius/Leo


Q4: Which quality are they likely to hate?

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Wastefulness
  3. Fakeness


Q5: How does their room mostly look like?

  1. Filled with photo mementoes/photo frames
  2. Neat, clean & organized
  3. Filled with artwork/paintings/doodles




Mostly A’s: Emotional/Dramatic

Your partner has an advanced emotional quotient. They will cherish a gift that shows effort, thoughtfulness and one that is filled with fond memories. Create a cute personalized Photobook filled with their favourite pictures, add an LED Photo Cushion to their couch and surprise him/her with a customized Photo Puzzle!

Gifts for him/her: Photobook, LED fur-lined Photo Cushions, Photo Puzzles

Fur-lined LED Photo Cushion





Mostly B’s: Practical/Realistic

Your partner is more inclined to be practical and realistic. They are sure to love a gift that is useful as well as meaningful. Ditch the flowers and go for more convenient gifts such as…

A Photo Calendar customized with 12 of the favourite photographs, a few candid shots on a magical Photo Mug, an eco-friendly Tote Bag that makes a statement AND has their name on it!

Gifts for him/her: Photo Calendars, Photo Mugs, Tote Bags

Customized Tote Bag
Photo Calendars


Customized Photo Mugs



Mostly C’s: Artistic/Creative

Your partner seems to have an artistic streak. They will appreciate gifts that they can use to decorate with, doodle on, and with which they can get creative!

Gift them a set of 3 designer Notebooks that have their name on the front page (you can pick from ruled, dotted or plain pages), include a classy Canvas Print of their favourite photo and lastly, go for these Set of 24 Photo Prints in a rich Pearl finish.

Tip: Use the prints to create a small Photo Display for brownie points!

Gifts for him/her: Customized Notebooks, Canvas Prints, Photo Print display

Set of 3 Notebooks with name on the cover


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