We’re known for making people smile and spreading happiness by helping them preserve their dear memories in high-quality prints. Thanks to you guys out there who have trusted and believed us for almost a decade now.
It is this love that we get from you all which makes us break the boundaries and brainstorm to get and be the best for you!
As you all know by now, our photobook is one hell of a product for it is so much you can do with it; be it storing all your favourite memories in one book or building a series of books on your life story or creating a special anniversary photobook for your beloved. The list goes on and on. Also, there are so many customization options available to make your photobook look the best. After all, photos are a treasure for life.
We have been doing some book covers over the years but with the growing interest of people in doodles, motifs, creative writing etc, we thought of experimenting with it.
In the process of all the thinking to do something out of the box, we finally got a great idea to introduce some super amazing theme covers for the photobooks. Exciting right?
And, finally, after the entire struggle, we launched the first set of theme book cover in October last month with the theme as Quotes or your #happymoments
You guys showed so much love for these covers designed especially by our super talented doodle artist- @doodle_dabba that we just couldn’t stop there. This is exactly why we have made this themed book covers a thing and we’ll be coming with a new theme every single month and bring to you 3 gorgeous book covers in the said theme.
This month, November is all about festivals and festivities and so is our theme for the month. We hope your festival photos are all set to be stored forever in your own personalized themed photobook. You just can’t resist these beauties!
Excited to take a look at the November Festive theme book covers? Scroll down!
Love them! Don’t you? So get shopping for your favourite cover designed by @swathik26 at an amazingly discounted price- Just Rs.149/-. Don’t you wait for some other time because my friends, this is a limited time offer 😀
Hurry up! Shop now! Use code- FESBOOK

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