Surprises are special, it sparks a relationship & adds liveliness. We all enjoy huge & lavish surprises, but the depth of love is expressed better with the small things we do for each other. The art of surprise is in the little things that will make your partner happy, blush in public, smile inwardly & feel grateful to have a thoughtful partner.

This Valentine’s day, make it special. Here is a guide to surprise your partner & make it a day to cherish.

1.Candle-Lit Dinner At Home

The best food in the perfect ambiance has a Michelin level of satisfaction. Home dinners are the best way to celebrate love in your abode. Dim the lights, fragrance it up with some royal scented candles with no one to interrupt.


2. Foot Massage

Pampering your partner with a massage is the sweetest gesture. A foot massage is all you need to show your love & make them feel that you will always be with them in all pains & tough days.

3. Delightful Treasure Hunt

Use Polaroids with notes of your journey & spice it up with a treasure hunt. Use benchmarks of your relationship like the first meet, the first proposal -date -kiss, when he was mad at you, holding hands for the first time.

4. I love you Alarm.

Record your voice message & set it as an alarm on his/her phone. It’s best to wake up to the voice of your lover & ohh, a love message too …a perfect way to make their day.


5. I loved you for ___ Days Card.

Annoy with an I love you for 3685 days card. Time for some calculations & DIY 🙂

6. Salsa Dance Together.

Bring the shoes & play the music! It’s Salsa Time. Watching the shocking nervous happy blushy expression of your partner would be sheer fun. Dancing together will help you to create a fun romantic moment, be close & celebrate the music of love.


7. Mail a Love Letter.

You are never too young or old to write a love letter. Expressing in words is the most important & special feeling for both. Write everything that you love about her, the way she makes you feel.


8. Memory Wall.

Create a simple Diy wall with prints & colorful washi tapes or clips.

Go over old photobooks with your partner in the evening. It will not only bring back warm memories of you together but also make you both want to relive those happy times.


9. Dedicate a song or Sing a song.

Ping him a song that makes him blush on a busy day at work or sing “your song”. A good Romantic song with lyrics is the key to set the right mood & express better.


10. Send Screen Grabs of Old Chats.

A little nostalgia is delighting by Looking back to the continuous chats & promises.

Take a screengrab of your old chat & send them to bring back memories and start a conversation.


How are you gracing the Art Of Surprising, this Valentine’s?



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