Towards Serenity & New Year With Photo Calendars

When life’s in continuous swirls of stagnancy & wait, a ray of newness feeds your quest for change. The past few months have been really creative at Zoomin as we launched many themes, new products & features for a better printing experience. But we all waited for our few bests to come. It’s the Calendars season and every year it’s always overwhelming to print a new year for all our customers.

With pictures from your life’s highlights so far, every calendar is beaded with love & the virtue of good times. While this year was a lot different & surely a year we all are going to look back to, tell stories about & cherish the good times, recollect lessons from the not-so-good times…the Calendars are the right tool to express your feelings.

This year has been a camera roll of cooking new recipes, home photography, sunset views, moments of hope & despair to moments of togetherness & loneliness… finally seeing some new faces on Rakhi & Diwali celebrations, falling in & out of love, cozy time at home and many orderless events.


A few discovered a new life working from home while many gracefully wasted time inquietude. Parents embarked on a new achievement ( applause) by managing kids’ many moods & schooling from home while our cute oldies have given a strong beat to everything that came along. Cheers to the youth who started many new ventures showcasing their talents & everyone who finally revamped their abodes with bookmarked DIYs. We all have stories & each story is very worthy for us.


Most of these moments are captured in a JPEG to stay in touch with the uniqueness of 2020. Documenting life is important because it makes us see the good in every situation. Whatever your camera rolls are filled with, you have only one place to store them forever & that’s PRINTS. Let’s not brush away the charm of your 2020 in JPEGs. Promise?


New Photo Calendars are live & we can’t wait to deliver a New Year at your doorstep!!! 

Calendars are ready on the deck to carry you to the new year with beauty, love & passion. We have saved the best for your 2020 pictures. And this time it’s more special.

Our products have been more than goods that come in a box. It’s a feeling, an emotion that baskets the owner’s life & values. It’s not just a print, it’s their time printed.

  Expressing the 2021 calendars as solitude instruments that add peacefulness to homes & lives.
The companion who soothes your heart & mind. Who relaxes you & helps you to pause every now & then.


These calendars are agents of serenity & solitude.
When you bring home a photo calendar, you bring in reasons to smile often. It’s so calming to hold them in hand and view the beauty it articulates visually. When in solitude, one will love to silently observe the many details it has been created with. Truly, a companion to everyone who loves to have a living piece at home.

Wall calendars


Versatile in many ways. the feeling of buying something worthy is the best feeling to know your money was rightly used.
These calendars will make you feel content to the core. With its usabilities, this is the right investment you will make this year. Buy the joy of being happy for an entire year. It’s so relaxing to watch a lovely piece in front of you. It takes you away from all the chaos of the day and gives you time to pause.

Because it’s the little moments of pause that refills energy back into us.


What refills your energy?
Add peacefulness to your lives & homes, with our range of Serene Calendars. 


Choose style. Select theme. Upload pictures.

It’s easy & fun. Try now. 

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