The Easiest & Meaningful Last Minute Gift Ideas

You must be late for a reason & it’s okay.

Last-minute gift plannings call for digging in pictures ( & you don’t have time)
But we have got you a hack 🙂

Decembers are always a bit merry & a bit strenuous in disguise. How do you make your gifts meaningful & easy?
This blog is a limited pictures printing hack for every time you scratch your head looking for pictures with them. Or sometimes when you don’t really know what they like. Or in a real jiffy.

You can always print something serene or draw a handmade doodle & print it. Meaningful, thoughtful & surprising!

Let’s Wrap up the holiday gifting.

1. Magnet calendar 

Magnet calendars stand best for someone who would like to accessorize their fridge. With a memorable picture in between surrounded by the month’s grid, this magnet calendar will make them hopeful.

What makes it an easy gift?
– Select one theme from categories like family & friends, baby, travel, classic, love, wedding & add a picture. Takes only 5 minutes.



2. Metal print

A metal print feels like a royal artifact just made for every home. You have got to hold a metal print in hand to feel it’s beauty. The high-quality print makes the metal shine with your memory.

What makes it an easy gift?
-Upload one picture or select the collage option to add more photos & you are done.


3. Framed prints.

There is nothing like unwrapping a solid frame with a crisp printed photo.
With a frame as a gift, be ready to record their reactions. Choose the best picture that will glorify walls for many years.
The color collection is supremely elegant. If you are looking for more colors or a theme-based frame, go for the New Premium Frames collection.
Improvise home decor, start their gallery wall prep or laud their walls. This will be an unforgettable keepsake for them.

What makes it an easy gift?
All you need is a picture for the magic to get started! With our user-friendly app create your gifts in a few minutes.


4. Poster calendar

A poster calendar vibrates positivity & hope with its sleek minimal design.
Receivers will love its poster nature but what makes it’s beautiful & unique is the theme & print quality.

What makes it an easy gift?
Select one theme from categories like family & friends, baby, travel, classic, love, wedding & add a picture.


5. Photo magnet.

Be aware, you might end up shopping a lot of these cute magnets. Photo magnets are the most loved gifts that always gets the best reactions.
50+ themes to choose from, you need not have many pictures for this. Thoughtful messages with colorful elements make it the best gift.

What makes it an easy gift?
Well, everything. You might find it a little tough or impossible to end up on one theme. But the cuteness of these magnets makes it the best pick.



6. Bag tag
If your receiver is a travel lover ( who doesn’t like to travel) gift them a bag tag with their picture & style up their next trip.
No more missing your luggage.

What makes it an easy gift?
You need only one picture & we will do the rest.


Make your gift more special with a designer gift wrap & a dedication card before check out. Read a detailed guide on gifting for everyone on your list from scratch. 



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