The all new display product for your Square Prints…

…And we’re back with some more fun and quirky ideas to help you deck up your personal or work space with our best selling product- Square Prints.

We have added yet another, awe-some display product to our existing range to compliment your most cherished memories. Want to know what it is? Scroll down!


Adorable little wooden floral clips with a super strong string to hold your memories for life!



We’ve got some ideas on how you can add oomph to your home with these clips. Scroll down to have a look-

  1. Add some spark to those bare walls.



We quite like the way @girl_always_nomnom has paired square prints with the floral clips and added that spark with some fairy lights. A super easy decor hack with a  stunning output!





2. Hang them in style!


We absolutely love this idea of using a wall shelf to hang the prints on the string with these floral wooden clips. This is just perfect to add oomph to your bedroom. has printed her favourite quotes and hung them right by her bedside. Every morning is a motivation with such a lovely decor 😀

3. Take it up a notch!

countdown_kalender_hochzeit_diy_posterxxl_frisch_verliebt_blog_13-683x1024_eJust another super easy and gorgeous decor idea..take a circular rod and wrap it around with a thick raw textured thread and then just hang in your square prints with these floral wooden clips and string. Oh, so pretty! <3






Shop for a premium set of Square Prints and get this clip & string set for FREE. Use code- CLIPS. Get shopping!

Have you got some interesting ideas too? Share them with us, upload a photo with your decor idea on Instagram and Facebook and tag us. @zoominstories #zoominstories

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