Stories From The Lens Of A Mother …By Smita Saksena

There are layers of happenings that occur each day while raising a child. Those days must have been tough when you kept falling sick or cried rivers on your first kindergarten day.

Take a close look at what a mother goes through from another super mom – Smita Saksena.
Discover the shadow of this beauty which resembles every mom in some way, a little less or a little more.

To Moms everywhere – We love you for being so brave.


I never knew how much love my heart could hold, until someone called me Mommy…-Unknown

Motherhood gave me the best of life experiences, it’s difficult, yet is most rewarding. It’s not easy to express what it feels like to nurture a soul inside you. You start to fall in love with someone even before seeing. You learn to love inevitably and unconditionally.

I was not an exception to this sentiment either. The day my daughter was born I was happy and grateful to God that he chose to answer our hearty desire and prayers and bless us with a pretty princess.

The moment I took her in my arms and she held my finger with her pink little fingers, tears were rolling down my cheeks and a smile played upon my lips. It was a mixed kind of feeling, I still feel nostalgic about that precious moment of my life.


Being a mother is challenging on it’s own. Life throws a new challenge every now and then. When my daughter was just a few months old, someone told me, ‘Just leave and let her cry out or else she will not leave you’ And I did that for few minutes before my heart broke into the pieces. All that little soul wanted was to be loved and held.

I knew, next time I would be judged on what I would allow her to wear, or what I would allow her to do. But now I know, I don’t have to listen to everyone. All I want to accomplish is to nurture her to grow into a young independent woman she is meant to be.

But one person was always there to guide me, to wipe my tears and trying to make me feel better by her magical healing touch. She even tried to console me in a difficult time by her motivational words of advice…and that was my Ma… She was the one who knew exactly how I was feeling at those moments.

I’ve always loved my parents, especially my Mom and yes I would like to admit that sometimes I didn’t like her(when she scolded me or stopped me to go somewhere) but always loved her from the bottom of my heart.

It’s quite funny how differently you see things and situations when you yourself are a Mom.

I feel so lucky to share this roller-coster ride of Motherhood with my parents. I miss so many things about my Mom, especially that gentle hug and tender kiss and picture her lovely smiling face.


Time flies by us but leaves its nostalgia behind.I wish I knew then what I know now, as a mother myself. I am empathetic to the struggles you went through. It’s really difficult when you can’t find time to be alone for a minute.Moms are never truly alone, not in the car, not in the bathroom, not in her own thoughts.

This motherhood journey has changed me in so many ways. By far, the most profound change has been to my inner self. I’ve been re-wired emotionally since having Sasha. Sometimes I just want to hold Sasha tightly close to my heart and make time stand still because I know she is going to grow up so soon before I know it. I love watching her grow but possibly can’t save each and every detail to my memory, so I try to record it. Like every parent in this digital era I take a lot of pictures and videos of Sasha.

I love to create and capture memories because one day I won’t be here with her. I want her to know how fierce my love was for her, how deeply I was involved in her life.

I just want to be like my Mom in this beautiful journey of motherhood. How she raised and helped me to turn into my own sunshine and how she was always there to inspire and encourage me to fulfill my dreams and nurture the seeds of self-esteem into me.

Sasha and my Mom are the best people in my life, the source of many nostalgic moments of joy and tears of happiness.

Dear Mom and Sasha, I promise that from now onwards we’ll make “happy memories” by enjoying the little chit-chats and funny same old stories, share hearty laughter, plan visits together to lovely places and would try to capture each and every beautiful moment spent together.

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