How our customer revamped her WFH desk from scratch

This is a personal experience blog written by our user Sanskruti G. We hope you enjoy her desk revamp story!

“We have all spent so much time inside our house last year… my house literally became a cafe, my gym, an office, a classroom and the list goes on! So I thought why not spend some time redecorating the one space where I spend more than 8 hours a day – my WFH desk. I am so excited to put together this blog to show you all how I did it.

It all started with an article I read on LinkedIn about the ‘Power of positive thinking.

It said that happy people live longer and are more successful. I felt the urge to set up positive and self-appreciative reminders in my room. Coincidently my friend spoke to me about some prints that she ordered with Zoomin. Curious, I logged on to their website. After some browsing, I downloaded their android app as well.

Lucky for me, the website had a 35% discount going on their Prints, Decor & Photobooks. I made my purchases and I am so happy with the end result! When I shared my feedback with the Zoomin team, they asked if I would like to do a guest blog about my experience. And so here we are, with me sharing my desk re-decor story with you all! Hope it helps you guys 😀

Below is an easy guide detailing out each step towards my final desk & wall:

Step 1: IDEATE

Go through the Zoomin website and decide what you would like to use to revamp your area. Few options are the framed prints for the wall, the square or Polaroid pictures, the calendar, the stationary, etc. Once you have a rough idea, go ahead and select the PICTURES!




Collate all the images you want to see around you. Download and save them in a folder on your device. I decided to use images of my prewedding shoot + my wedding for a desktop calendar. I also used pictures of my last 4 travels for the set of square prints.

On the wall in front of my desk I wanted to print some nice frames. I downloaded some quotes and positivity messages from Unsplash and Pinterest. I also created this Affirmations chart on


Create your images on canva










Upload the pictures you want on Zoomin website or App. For the frame select the color, size, and orientation. For the polaroids, you can print a set of 24. Similarly, upload pictures for whatever other products you want and place your order.


My order reached me within 7 working days! I ordered frames, a desktop calendar, Polaroids, Decorative clips and the magnetic display rope.

Frames  Calendar Polaroid pictures










Experiment with placing your frames and picture however you like. I wanted to see my positivity reminders & my personalized calendar right in front of me!


Polaroid setupCalendar


BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

BEFORE  after











You can see the amount of difference it makes when you add just a few personalized elements. The choice is yours. Keep going through life as a routine. Or once in a while step aside and create something meaningful. Something that makes YOU truly happy.


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