An Update on ZoomIn Studios

ZoomIn Studio


Three years ago we announced the launch of the ZoomIn Photo Studio – a retail photo network like no other in India.  At launch, we opened 7 Studios in 5 cities through a partnership with Crossword Bookstores.  Later, we added 11 more stores through a partnership with Croma.  We were thrilled to be able to bring our award winning online service to millions of shoppers – right in their neighborhood.

Over the last 3 years, we have served tens of thousands of customers at these retail locations, and introduced many more to our online service.   Our stated goal even at launch was that the ZoomIn Studio would be a “bridge” to where our offline retail customers would be introduced to our online service.

We are pleased to announce that since then our customers have uploaded over a hundred million photos and created hundreds of thousands of photo books to be shipped to every neighborhood in India.  In addition many, have used our recently introduced Cash on Delivery service to pay for their online orders.  In many ways our goals for the studio have been met.  Clearly, we are now in a position to further advance the ZoomIn service online.

With that perspective, today we are announcing the phase out of the Zoomin Retail Studio.  We have already begun shutting down many stores and have invited our regular retail customers to come online.

We do realize that this will cause some inconvenience to customers that had relied on store staff for the creation process.  We are committed to making the online creation process even simpler and have recently launched the popular Express Book format.  You can try out this process for yourself using our Express Holi photobook for example.  Do contact our Helpdesk team if you need any help in getting started online.

We’d like to thank all our retail customers and store associates who helped create something really special.  Your commitment has made our online success story truly possible!

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