9 Creative Ideas To Socialize From Home This Diwali

No matter how digitally advanced we become, the touch of emotions is felt only with the tangibles. The times spent are special because they scorched happiness in your hearts so deep that they are now magnificent memories. It’s always a deep relief looking back to the exceptional times spent and the crazy conversations shared. Concluding, nothing can replace the power of touch.

Keeping connections alive & saving the beauty of tangibles we have the perfect guide for you to rock this holiday season with friends in a way that is unique as this year. Socializing from home with prints, let’s curb the line of distance! A little DIY with meaningful messages to mark the specialness of the festival. Because efforts make simple things memorable.

Idea 01

Vintage Postcards 

It’s simple & something you have been doing since childhood. Choose a picture that will make them smile & pen a message at the back. Wrap it with chocolates or your home-made cookies for Diwali and send it across, with love.

Tip: Use 5×7 prints to make postcards. Choose from Glossy, Matte, and Pearl finish.


Idea 02

Notebook with handwritten letters.

Pick a set of your favorite themed notebook from here. Surprise with a secret name (only you two aware of) to make it more personal & excitingly surprising.

Start with a funny or miss you quote, proceed with a personal letter and a doodle to complete. Chip in a past memory of school time doodles or how you use to talk through scribbles at the end of a book during a live lecture.

Tip: Pick a design wisely and name it right to make them smile.


Idea 03

Relive Your Travels, Together

Look back to an old adventure with pictures you all loved. Upload it to the new grid layout Metal Prints and send one metal to everyone. Sending a keepsake of the scene is the best way to reminisce the good times & tell you will create more of those.

Tip: You can duplicate the order by adding the number of units from the checkout section and send one creation to all. Update your app to view the new layouts for Metal Prints.


Idea 04

Share your recipes

Save a friend who is not good with the Diwali sweets & namkeens. You’ll need to save your recipe directions as an image to add them to your card. The simplest way to do so is to type them up and take a screenshot.

Tip: Use 8×8 Photo print to print your recipes & tuck in a picture or two of your desserts.


Idea 05

Share fun facts

Glide into their mailbox with some facts that will cause no harm but make them blush. There’s no telling what you can find with a simple Google search for “interesting facts.” One thing’s for sure: they will have never received anything in the mail quite like it.

Tip: Choose SquarePrints or 6×8 Photoprints to print these facts.


Idea 06

Cards full of Quotes

An inspiration, a hope of positivity goes a long way, always. We all have those quotes from mentors, authors, or even celebrities that are near and dear to our visions on life. Using these sayings for the front of your creation is a thoughtful means of bringing purpose to your socializing.

Tip: Choose a mixture of all genres.



Idea 07

Thank you cards

Thanking never turns old but definitely something that we forget every once in a while. Say a sweet thank you for everything they have done for you & always sticking to you.

Tip: Design a thank you card to print on a Photo print or curate a Photobook thanking them for this Diwali.


Idea 08

Surprise Picture

There are many pictures we click for the ” oh, I might need it later”. Decorate a gift you are sending with a sweet photo which they don’ know exists ( & you secretly clicked) Surprise!

Tip: Print all the selfies that you took randomly and never cared to upload. See how those old unseen pictures will create a memorable impression on your Diwali.


Idea 09

For the Kids

Send in a bunch of learning tools in prints to your favorite mommy friend.
Print around alphabets/animals or pictures of places.

Tip: Choose real images for  Alphabet A-Z.

C for Car.



Upload. Enter their Address. Send.

Bring Your Socializing Ideas To Life.

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